Helical Anchor

The Edens Concrete Slab Repair System

Many of our foundation repair customers need interior slab repairs, in conjunction with the exterior piers, to restore their foundation.

Helical Piers

Helical piers are used most often by Edens Structural for re-leveling concrete slabs.

A specially built machine with a high torque rating is used to drill helicals into the ground. First, our crew cores 6” holes through the slab and then drills the helicals in.  Next, the lift assembly is attached and the lifting process begins. Whether one pier or 100, a zip level checks the levelness of the floor before and during the lift. After lifting and leveling is complete, the holes are filled with concrete.  Two plumbing pressure tests are usually included in our price* – one run before and one after the lift, to ensure there are no leaks caused by installation or the lifting process.

*Some circumstances may require the homeowner be responsible for performing the plumbing pressure tests.

Slab Removal and Replacement

Slab removal and replacement is an option if the slab has been broken beyond repair. While not a frequent solution, Edens is equipped to handle this type of repair. The damaged portion of slab will be removed. The soil will be re-graded and compacted. A 4ml vapor barrier will then be installed, followed by installing ½” rebar as required. The slab can then be re-poured and leveled for proper foundation repair.

Rebar Stitching and Epoxy

This method of repair is one of the most effective means of repairing large cracks in the slab. Slots are cut perpendicular to the crack and a piece of rebar is then installed and epoxied into the slot.

Floor Leveling Underlayment

Floor leveling underlayment can be installed to help level certain areas of the slab that may be uneven. This ensures proper foundation repair.

Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Foam

Edens High Density Polyurethane Lifting Foam is an efficient, cost-effective way to elevate your slab with minimal disturbance to your home or your schedule. The foam is applied through small 5/8 inch holes in your slab that can often be made without the hassle of tearing up carpet or moving heavy furniture.

We are the only foundation repair company in Oklahoma to custom manufacture our own piers, giving us the flexibility needed to ensure our solutions are always the RIGHT solutions. This extra step is just one of the reasons we have been successful serving foundation repair customers in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Glenpool, Sand Springs, and Jenks for over 30 years.