• When Trees Attack: How Tree Roots Damage Your Foundation
  • Does Your Home’s Foundation Have a Problem?
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    Does Your Home’s Foundation Have a Problem?

    As homeowners, we know that as time passes, many parts of our homes will need repair. But we do not often think of our home’s foundation as something that could need our attention. Yet foundations are subject to changes in the soil on which they are built, weather conditions and many other factors. Signs Of Foundation Problems In an article at HouseLogic....

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  • Preparing For a Stress-Free Basement Remodeling Project
  • 3 Reasons Concrete Settles
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    3 Reasons Concrete Settles

    Concrete is an affordable, long-lasting material that works for just about any project imaginable, but over time, concrete floors and pathways can settle into the ground. Settled concrete can be dangerous and unsightly, but luckily, it can be repaired with concrete leveling. This saves you from having to pay for a complete replacement. 1. Drying of Soil ...

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  • The major causes of foundation damage
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    The major causes of foundation damage

    There are many things that people do not think about when they are living in a home and foundation is one of them. You cannot just assume that everything is 100% with your foundation. You will learn over time that many things including clay, soil, and weather cause foundation damage. No matter what is causing destruction, it must be stopped in order to pre...

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