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    Basement Wall Cracks – Why They Happen?

    If you have a basement, and take a look at your walls, you’re likely to find at least one crack. Don’t worry, this is actually normal, however it’s good to know how these happen and if they become larger in size, what to do about getting these basement cracks repaired. Why Cracks in Basement Walls Occur? Stress Points It’s not uncommon to be ...

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  • What are the Signs of Foundation Problems?
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    What are the Signs of Foundation Problems?

    foundation-problem-signsOne of the most common questions we’re asked is “How do I know if I have a foundation problem?” The issue is that while many symptoms of foundation problems are obvious, many are not. A lot of symptoms can also happen gradually and  they are not easily noticed when they do get worse.

    If you think you might have foundation issues, don’t wait! Call Edens Structural Solutions, Tulsa Foundation Repair Experts, at (918) 366-3001 to schedule a free foundation estimate at your home. If these problems are left unaddressed, small foundation problems can quickly turn into large, expensive foundation repairs.
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  • When You Need Tulsa Concrete Foundation Repair
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    When You Need Tulsa Concrete Foundation Repair

    concrete-foundation-repair-tulsa-okMost people take pride in being a homeowner. You have the ability to transform and personalize your home to your liking, decorate the way you like, and have plenty of space without the noise that comes with renting an apartment. Unfortunately over time, our homes undergo structural damage that cannot be avoided. In order to continue enjoying your home and the benefits of being a homeowner, it is important to know what signs to look for so you can plan accordingly and quickly to avoid further structural damage.
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  • Swimming Pool Crack Repair Tulsa
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    Swimming Pool Crack Repair Tulsa


    Why do swimming pools crack?

    Pools may have cracks that vary from minor hydration cracks (which may have resulted from extended periods of exposure to the sun) to major leaking structural cracks that have been caused as a result of natural pool settling, surrounding earth shifting, or poor workmanship when the pool was built.

    When shifting or settling takes place, strain is put on the surrounding pool shell, which can lead to a cracking of the shell. Water leaking through the crack slowly erodes the soil underneath which only results in further shifting and settling.
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